How to Hire a Building Contractor for Stress Free Construction

How to Hire a Building Contractor for Stress Free Construction

Hire a building contractor

How to Hire a Building Contractor for Stress Free Construction


A Desire for the Basic Necessities of Life

Basic housingThe need to own a comfortable accommodation is a basic driving force for many Nigerians today. Faced with an inadequate and underdeveloped housing procurement and mortgage system coupled with exorbitant house rents, the average Nigerian is left with no other option than to personally take care of his long term housing needs. He is therefore forced, under these circumstances, to hire a building contractor, since he is neither trained nor prepared for the rigours and stress of the building construction process. Unfortunately, as research has shown, he may end up not getting from the building contractor the stress free construction he bargained for.

An Industry with an Unrealized Potential

Building industryThis is the unfortunate state of affairs in the Nigerian building construction industry. It is an all comers industry where professionals and quacks compete. An industry where professionalism is mainly a bye word and not a way of life. In this industry, people often refer to but seldom adhere to project cost, quality, duration and scope benchmarks. Finally an industry that more often than not disappoint the expectations of her market. In fact an industry with a great potential for customer satisfaction and yet actually satisfying only few customers.

Identifying your Super Hero Building Contractor

Super constructionHow then can you, a prospective home owner, wade through the murky Nigerian construction industry waters to fish out the competent and professional building contractor? How can you identify this super hero, who would most probably help you realize your dreams with minimal stress? To achieve this you must perform two basic activities – investigation and inspection, after which you can then hire your building contractor through a suitable building procurement process.

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