Project Conceptual Design and Planning

Conceptual design

Conceptual Design Development

Great building ideas can sometimes be difficult to identify let alone understand. At Conifer Konstruktion (Nig) Ltd, we not only help you  identify your great ideas, but develope such ideas by bringing our wealth of experience into play.

We achieve this by employing the conceptual design development process. This involves brainstorming sessions where each conceptual design suggested is evaluated to determine its suitability in terms of your requirement, budget, schedule and the relevant statutory and professional standards.

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Conceptual Design

Architectural, Structural and MEP Designs

Our in house team of design experts are always at hand to ensure that no detail is left out, from the conceptual design developed for each project option, as we try to merge your requirements with statutory and professional standards.

We also strive to produce economic designs that will meet your requirements and not neccessarily bore a hole into your pocket. In summary, we quarantee to always present economic, functional, aesthetic and stable building designs you can always be proud of.

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Conceptual design

Business Case Generation

For our corporate and commercial clients, we ensure that your proposed projects possess enough economic benefits to warant their execution. As a result, we develope a business case document outlining the costs and benefits of the proposed project. With this document, you can then decide whether to embark on the project.

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Conceptual desgn

Project Charter Production

Before the commencement of any project, we offer project charter development services aimed at establishing a proposed project’s objectives and outlining the different resources and processes  required for its successful execution. Armed with the quality pieces of information contained in this document, you can then be better prepared for successful project execution.

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Our Capabilities

Conceptual Design Development: 95%
Architectural, Structural and MEP Designs: 98%
Business Case Generation: 65%
Project Charter Production: 60%