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Nigerian building construction company

As a Nigerian Building Construction company, we understand the challenges of the building construction industry. Through research, we discovered that poor project quality is one of the main contributors to clients’ poor satisfaction rating (56.15% ) of indigenous contractors.

With the above in mind we established a quality assurance policy which aids us in our construction activities through the design and implementation of the different process quality assurance manuals. We also engage skillful and experienced tradesmen who can guarantee quality workmanship. In addition we procure and maintain high quality building construction equipment to enhance our site operations.


Great Projects You Can Afford

Nigerian Building Construction Company

We understand that your desire to engage us is premised on your belief that we will give you value for your money. Which is why we always strive to reduce our cost of production, starting from project conceptualization and design through planning and execution, by improving our production processes. By so doing, we progressively reduce the cost that you will bear as the project sponsor.

Our competitive edge is also premised on the fact that through creativity, innovation and a flexible and flat organizational structure coupled with modern information communication technologies, we are  able to keep our overhead costs low, and consequently transfer the cost savings to our clients.

Hence, you can always count on us to deliver, at the right time, high quality projects at the right price.

Fastest Growing Nigerian Building Construction Company

Nigerian building construction company


Being a Nigerian Building Construction Company with the mission of becoming a world class player in the nearest future, we realized that offering world class services was the only way to ensure a steady flow of building design and construction jobs.

No wonder in January 2017, the company was adjudged as one of the fastest growing smes in Nigeria for 2016. This can be evidenced in the fact that since incorporation in November 2012 and commencement of business activities in 1st January, 2013, the company had been privileged to be part of more than forty four (44) projects involving  twenty four (24) different clients and has experienced a phenomenal 982% growth in annual turnover as of December 31st 2020. Looking forward, we are trusting that you”ll become one of those that will contribute to this phenomenal growth.

Our Client Testimonials

  • "The Contractor exhibited much competence on this restructure work."

    Arc. Eduputa Donatus FNIAArc. Eduputa Donatus FNIADirector Doned Consult Ltd, Lagos
  • "When Rev. Canon Prof. Osisioma told me they were coming to build a structure here I did not doubt him, what actually surprised me is that within one year, the project was completed. This is a challenge to all contractors working in this university that a project can be completed within the agreed time"
    Prof. Greg. NwakobyProf. Greg. NwakobyVice-Chancellor, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam, anambra State
  • I've worked with Conifer Konstruction and I must say QUALITY, INTEGRITY AND SPEED are their watch word. wonderful experience working with seasoned professionals.
    Mr. Remare Tochukwu InaMr. Remare Tochukwu InaSafety Manager Awka Millennium City Development Company Ltd
  • Well satisfied with your work, keep it up, hope we can do more together in the near future.
    Mr. Chinemelu TochukwuMr. Chinemelu TochukwuMD/CEO Nwezu Network Company Ltd, Onitsha

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Nigerian building construction company
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