Building Demolition and Remodeling

Building demolition

Building Demolition

Buildings get old and out of fashion, they deteriorate over time and some times need to be demolished. At Conifer Konstruktion (Nig) Ltd, we specialize in strip out demolition (demolition with the aim of reusing the products of the demolition) of buildings. We extract undeformed reinforcement bars by using world class demolition equipment and techniques to ensure the safety of our operations.

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building remodeling

Building Remodeling

Sometimes, clients require us to change the form, shape and use of their existing buildings. They want us to give them more modern buildings without completely demolishing the existing ones. To achieve this, we go through the process of producing the as-built drawings of the existing building; redesigning the produced as-built drawings to match current architectural trends and the clients’ aesthetic and functional tastes; demolish unwanted portions of the existing building; construct new portions of the proposed remodel, and finally finish the building to the clients’ taste.

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Building renovation

Building Renovation

Neighborhood includes pro Font Deck support. Or you can choose from 600+ Google Web fonts & control the colour, size & line height.

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free building inspection

Free Building Inspection

Neighborhood comes with 3 sliders included. The ever popular Revolution Slider, Woo Slider and our own innovative and stunning Swift Slider.

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Our Capabilities

Building Demolition: 95%
Building Remodeling: 98%
Building Renovation: 90%